Where we came from

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On the 31° May of 2010 TGE VENTILATORI SRL was founded , having as sole owner Mr Gianluca Torrente.
Mr Torrente was already owner of a Company , named “T.G.E. di Torrente Gianluca “ operating since 1997 in the field of maintenance and servicing of air ventilation plants.
Mr Torrente wanted to increase and diversify his activity in the field of designing and manufacturing of fans, and so the need arose to build a society, whose legal form is more suited to the business purposes of Mr. Torrente.
At the end of June 2010 was finalized the purchase from TGE VENTILATORI of all the assets of former C.T.I. Ventilatori SRL, company which has been operating for 45 years in the designing and manufacturing of industrial and heavy-duty fans.
This sale has allowed the newly founded company to maintain all assets needed to reach the new business purposes.
To this purpose, it is important to specify all the aspects needed to customers who want to interface with the new company.
In particular, as soon as the sale has been formalized , on 6th July 2010, T.G.E. VENTILATORI SRL has become exclusive proprietor of all know-how, certifications, brands and all other features acquired during years by C.T.I Ventilatori.
T.G.E. VENTILATORI SRL has its legal site by the factory located in Bubbiano , V.Francesco Noè 9/11, same location where CTI Ventilatori has always been and here are also located administrative
/operative site.
Finally, since the company “ T.GE.di Torrente Gianluca” is still operating, the resources of this company are able to provide to all customers the Service , completing the whole cycle of fan lives.